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Due to the low use of technology solutions by health sector to provide efficient and quality care in the SYNC CITY has developed a software known as the SYNC HMIS/EHR software, a tool that enables healthcare provider generate useful health information through patient health data collection, storage, retrieval and transfer amongst themselves. This tool will help improve efficiency quality of care rendered to patients thus improving treatment outcome.

SYNC HMS would help improve the efficiency of data collection in a form that can be disseminated across multiple health care organizations (nationally and internationally), bureau of health statistics, World Bank and leveraged for quality improvement and prevention activities.

The data (Health data information and statistics) generated can be used by different stake holders in the health sector for reporting and public health management and disease surveillance.

More so with more and better data available, public health organizations can better monitor, prevent, and manage disease through syndromic surveillance data submission, immunization registries, and electronic laboratory reporting, providers can transmit public and population health data to public health officials which would help in sustainable development of Nigeria.


SYNC CITY is an innovative information technology (IT) company founded in order to revamp and revolutionizing the healthcare system and its service provision in Nigeria and Africa at large through the provision of innovative technology solutions.


SYNC CITY offer top-notch information technology solutions that enhances the healthcare service delivery through our innovative health management system (HMS)- SYNC HMS, which is deployed and installed in healthcare facility.

We also do big data health research analytics through the aggregation and analysis of health data/information generated from health facility utilizing our software (with their appropriate consent and authorization) into useful information. This analysed information could be utilized by the appropriate health organization, ministry, department and agency to make inform decision that would influence the health sector of a geographical sphere positively.


To be the foremost provider of innovative healthcare technology to Nigeria and at large Africa’s health sector, fostering efficiency and quality health care delivery to patients, using health big data analytics to influence the health sector positively.


To provide innovative healthcare technology to Nigeria and at large Africa’s health sector in order to improve the efficiency and quality of healthcare delivery as well as influencing the healthcare sector positively through proper analytics of big data generated from health information.


Our core value is developing innovative technology to reform leadership, transform education and advance societal development.



Improve the health care system through innovative approach and technology
Improve health care facility efficiency and quality of care to achieve the best treatment outcome
To ensure sustainable and profitable long-term growth
To ensure sustainable growth and development of the health care sector through open and collaborative approach
To ensure the provision of sustainable data useful in managing population health through collaboration with health data driven organizations-public and private
To integrate and promote interoperability between health care providers within and between health care facility
To promote employee development
To provide return on investment to shareholders


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Management Sync City executive management consists of experienced entrepreneurs and health Information and technology experts whose vision and unwavering dedication are transforming the healthcare industry
Board of directors Sync City’s Board of Directors are elected by the shareholders to keep the organization’s mission, values, and vision at the forefront of the Company’s operations. The Board oversees Sync City’s business affairs with the utmost integrity and works with management to establish the Company’s strategic direction. With a strong sense of fiduciary duty, our Board ensures that shareholder interests are maintained at all times.


SYNC CITY values strategic partnerships that advance value-added service and care to our patients In Sync city, the Innovation of technology solution that advances industrial standard and improves individual-based services rendered by our client as well as increase their return on investment is critical to us.

At Sync city, our strategic partnerships are an instrumental component of our mission to improve the efficiency of operation and quality of service provided by our client company through delivering the ground-breaking solutions our clients need. Our partnership philosophy is focused on elevating our client company success, and delivering the most comprehensive and user-friendly technology solutions Our strategic partnerships enable our clients to take advantage of leading technology innovations across the industry.

Here are some of our strategic partners advancing the future of the application of technology solutions to improve industrial services:

UGARSOFT: is a leading ICT consulting firm in Nigeria. known for our ability to understand the different business needs of corporate and private clients, as well as our ability to integrate IT and communications technologies to offer real solutions specific needs. Ugarsoft also proffer Integrated analytic software for research purpose which can be used for computation to get meaningful and applicable information from patient health information