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Information technology integration

Information technology integration (software and hardware) for efficient health care delivery We Integrate hardware solutions needed for the best functionality and productivity of your healthcare facility Health management information system/ Electronic health record software integration Employ our one of our health management system software in your health facility (Hospital, Clinic and diagnostic centre) to support interoperability amongst your health care team and other healthcare provider to improve service delivery efficiency and quality.

Health Data Archiving

We can extract source system data to your inbound EMR specification with excellent turnaround times. We extract the data from legacy systems, migrate and normalize it in a relational database and make it accessible in an easy-to-use, browser-based viewer for years to come.If that seems simple it’s because that’s how we make it for you. We muscle through the data extract so you get legacy data where you need it, when you need it.

First, we assign a project manager (PM). This is your point person, acting as a liaison between your team and ours. After which, we convert your full database, not just demographics or balance- forward financials, into a relational database.

Next, we optionally scan in copies of any old paper charts. Then, we index all of that data and make it searchable by account ID, name, social security number or data source.

Bottom Line: We streamline your IT plan, help you recoup valuable paper chart storage space and ensure compliance with medical record retention mandates for the next 10-25 years.

Data Services Offerings:


The services required for integration or other technical projects might include data extraction to ready patient information for migration or conversion to another repository. We’ve extracted demographic, financial and clinical data from hundreds of ambulatory and acute systems.

We consult with you to plan, develop, test and implement the best architectural approach for connecting with healthcare entities or devices using industry-standard protocols.

Why To Archive

Reduce cost of legacy system and paper chart maintenance
Minimize risk of litigation and audit
Eliminate data conversion issues Simplify access to historical data for care collaboration
Merge data silos, both acute and ambulatory, easily.

When to Archive
System Replacement
System Acquisition
System Migration
Practice Closure/Relocation
Provider Retirement/Death

After reviewing the scope of work, your PM will work with you to build a project plan. The plan will ensure the project is completed on time and on budget with the appropriate resources allocated.

There is a general misperception that a data conversion brings over all the patient data. However, due to cost and complexity, only patient demographics and sometimes some basic medical data elements — are typically converted to a new EHR system.

But, what about the rest of the patient data? To leave the legacy system up and running in read-only format is both costly and a technical risk.

The main difference between a patient data archive and a conversion is data volume. A patient data archive includes most if not all of the data in its full integrity. This all-inclusive long-term storage and medical data archiving of patient data adheres to state and federal medical record retention regulations for protected health information (PHI).

Healthcare Analytics

We offer analytics solutions that helps in building better and more efficient healthcare systems, improving collaboration of treatment to improve patient care, and providing greater value to the payers. Our analytics help in understanding the complexity of the data and then provide strategic opportunities for better and bigger plans. Our solutions provide healthcare providers with better data transparency in obtaining new insights for improving patient security and safety, quality of care, and hospital efficiency

Medical product visibility/advert

Give you pharmaceuticals and medical device visibility interfacing directly with the healthcare provider through our software

Health management information system/ Electronic health record software integration

Practice Management

Professional Service