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Laboratory Information System (LIS)

Use our LIS software system to records, manages, and stores haematology, microbiology, forensics- clinical laboratory request, result and report of patients.

Pharmacy Information System (PIS)

SYNC Pharmacy information systems (PIS) have been designed to meet the needs of a pharmacy department in hospital or Pharmacy store.

Financial Information System (FIS)

SYNC Financial Information Systems aims to ease the complex healthcare business activities that is faced by hospitals and other healthcare organization.

Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

SYNC PACS helps radiology images to be acquired, archived and retrieved over a network for diagnosis and review by physicians.

Radiology Information System (RIS)

SYNC Radiological information system (RIS) is the core system for the electronic management of imaging departments.

PRACTICE: No matter the size of your practice (whether solo or Large institution) or your specialization we have solution tailored just for your practice.

Small practice: These buyers work at small health care organizations, from solo physicians to practices with up to five providers. They may be moving away from paper charts to meet regulatory requirements or replacing an existing EMR. These offices typically have limited or no IT staff, so a solution with robust implementation and support offerings is ideal.

Midsize practices: These buyers may have between six and 25 physicians on staff. They're often looking to improve efficiency and care coordination. They may also want to integrate with other health care networks' systems and track information across several locations.

Large practices: These are practices with more than two dozen physicians on staff. They are usually multi-specialty clinics and therefore need a scalable solution that supports several types of documentation templates.

Primary care MDs/DOs and related specialists: These buyers work at private practices that provide internal medicine, family medicine, paediatrics, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, urology etc. These buyers' various needs are addressed by broad systems with specialty-specific templates.
Specialists with other designations (e.g., DC, OD, PT, PhD, LCSW): These buyers include chiropractors, psychologists, therapists, counsellors and optometrists. Their needs can be met by dedicated systems (e.g., primarily serving their specialty or a small group of specialties) or by systems that serve a wide variety of providers thanks to specialty-specific templates.